Working remotely with OneDrive

If some of your team are in the office, and some still working from home –maybe swapping locations throughout the week – you need a truly flexible way of working.

And that’s where Microsoft OneDrive comes in. It makes sharing documents and collaborating so much easier.

Teams really does make working from home easier for everybody

Just because your team are working remotely, doesn’t mean it must be a stress for you.

In fact, the collaborative and communication tools within Microsoft Teams really do make Working From Home easy for everyone.

Here’s how.

Data security during home working

Working from home can make your business more exposed to a potential cyber-attack. Because sometimes our home Wi-Fi isn’t as secure as business connections can be.

Here’s a clever way to keep your business safe, no matter who’s working where…

Home workers are the new target

With your team working from home, all on different Wi-Fi connections and with other people using their devices, good cyber security is a lot harder.

Here are 3 ways to protect your business.

This protects your data in your staff’s homes

Of course, your team need access to company data when they’re working from home.

But this can be a major data security risk. Here’s how to make it safer.

How to train your team on software when they work from home

As lots of people continue to mix working from home with being in the office (hybrid working), there are new long-term training needs your business needs to think about.

Such as how you will train members of your team on new software.

VPN's: Protecting data in your employees' homes

Because hybrid working is not going anywhere, data security for employees working remotely is becoming a major consideration for all businesses.

Here’s one answer. It’s a way of making sure the connection from home to the office is always secure.