Here’s why your computer could be so slow

Don’t you just hate it when your technology slows down, and stops you from getting on with your work?

Here are 3 reasons why computers slow down. One of them you should be very scared of…

Outdated technology is costing your business

It’s a real false economy.

What is? Continuing to use old technology for your team.

Because while you think you might be saving $$$, the reality is you’re losing your staff’s time and productivity every day.

Here are three other threats to your business from using outdated technology.

If you're unhappy with your existing IT provider

So, look – cards on the table. We’re now taking on new clients. If you’re frustrated with your current IT support company, we really should talk.

This video tells you why.

Is your IT stealing your staff's time?

Sometimes, members of your team will look for any excuse to down tools, make another coffee, and talk about how “their computer’s down”.

Bad IT can have a huge effect on productivity.

If this is a recurring problem for your business, we really should talk.

Boss, I need a new laptop

If a member of your team tells you they need a new laptop or other device because they’ve lost it, don’t just think about the cost.

You’ve also got to consider the data security of the lost device. Here are a few key questions you must ask yourself…

Is Dave on Facebook again?

Social media can be a good thing. But it can also be an unwelcome distraction.

Instead of just banning social media on your business’s network, here’s something else you can do instead.

Old tech isn’t just slowing you down

Computers slow down over time. It happens gradually, so you don’t tend to notice it. Side by side, a 3 year old computer will be so much slower than the latest model.

But there’s another big downside of older computers that scares most IT professionals…

Does your business need an upgrade?

When Covid first appeared in 2020 and everyone rushed to work from home, some businesses thrived.

Typically, these were the ones that had already got a robust IT infrastructure in place for their people to work anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Productivity and profits can and should be improved when your business prioritizes its technology.

Should your business be cloud based?

Of course, you’ve heard of the cloud. And that lots of businesses are embracing it. But maybe you’ve never really understood exactly what it is, and what the benefits are.

Reality is, you’re probably already using the cloud in parts of your business. Our video explains what it is, and whether you should fully embrace it.

3 ways to become a paperless office

Going paperless has plenty of benefits for your business… you just need to do it properly. Here are our three suggestions to help you get there.

Bad network cables could be causing low internet speeds

In our exciting modern wireless age, we forget that many things are still connected with cables. And bad cables can have a very negative effect on internet speeds.