Mobile Device Management

Mobile Devices, BYOD…What can you do?

With more and more mobile devices coming onto the market every day, it can be hard for businesses to decide how to use them effectively. Should employees be able to use their own devices? How much access to data will you allow? Do you limit the range of devices or try and maximize flexibility? How do you prevent staff from taking pictures of confidential information or extracting it via USB?

MISD Breach

The Midland Independent School District Board suffered a security breach when a laptop was stolen. The laptop contained Personally Identifiable Information (PII), “social security numbers and birthdates.”

How would you feel if it were your child’s information that had been COMPROMISED??? Why was the laptop not encrypted? There is credit protection though…more

Stolen USB Drive

Adult & Pediatric Dermatology, P.C., of Concord, Mass., (APDerm) reported that “an unencrypted thumb drive containing the electronic protected health information (ePHI) of approximately 2,200 individuals was stolen from a vehicle of one its staff members. The thumb drive was never recovered.”


IoT Security

How do you manage all of the devices needed and/or desired for business automation and fun? There are internet connected devices to control temperature, music, lighting, outlets, cameras and many of them can be and have been hacked. How do you set them up on your business network and not leave security holes?

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